Frequently Asked Questions

Does my dog need obedience to start agility classes?
While basic obedience is helpful for Beginner Agility it isn’t really needed until the intermediate and advanced level agility classes. Contact Point Agility does not require formal obedience classes to start agility classes. Entry level classes are worked with the dogs on leash to help keep the dogs focused.

How old must my puppy be to start agility?
Contact Point Agility allows puppies as young as six months old to start agility training.

Can my child work our dog in class?
Contact Point Agility welcomes junior handlers as long as a parent remains in the training area.

How long before we are ready to compete?
On average, most dogs and handlers need at least six months before they are ready to get their feet wet at agility show-n-go’s and matches. These events carry no titles, awards or prizes but are a great warm up before actual competition.

Contact Point Agility Instructors have found that teaching the dog the agility obstacles is the easy part. The really tough part of agility training is teaching the handler how to communicate the signals in a timely fashion. As with most things there are exceptions to every general rule of thumb. Some dog/handler teams are not ready nearly that soon and others are ready then or sooner.

How can I tell if my dog will like agility?
Because Contact Point Agility starts all of it’s students on equipment that is low and safe we can spend most of our time having fun with our dogs. Training methods built on positive reinforcements mean that the dog has lots of opportunities to earn rewards such as toys and treats. Why wouldn’t they like agility!

New students are encouraged to visit classes first and watch our training in action but you must schedule an appointment so we know to expect you and let you into the training area.

Can both my husband and I work our dog in a class?
This really depends on the dog. Some dogs are more responsive to one spouse than the other. If this is the case, then it can be frustrating for both the dog and the handler to maintain focus in the training. If your dog is equally responsive to each of you, then switching back and forth isn’t a problem. Keep in mind though that you will only be given the working opportunities for one dog, not two persons.

My dog is six years old. Is that too old for agility?
It is almost never too late to start training one’s dog. However, common sense tells us that if our dog has health problems then care must be taken to assure that the dog is not pushed beyond it’s limits. The older the dog, the more care we must take in maintaining their good health. Please talk with an instructor about any health concerns that you may have for either you or your dog.